Among The Tribes of Chattisgarh Photo Expedition

Cost: $3345

October 24-November 6, 2005

Among The Tribes of Chattisgarh is a specialized photo expedition during which we shall travel in central India to photograph its indigenous tribes. Starting in Kanker in Bastar, we shall drive through the state and document the numerous tribes such as the Gond , Abujmaria , Bisonhorn Maria, Muria, Halba, Bhatra, Parja & Dhurvaa, Muriya , Dandami Mariya or Gond, Dorla and Halba, Parghi, Savra, Manji and Bhayna and much more. Throughout the region, tribal villages have changed little over the centuries.  Houses are made entirely of mud with either thatched or red tiled roofs.  Each tribe has its own distinct dress, culture and way of life and after spending a little while in the area one is easily able to identify the different communities by their specific costume, jewelry  headdresses, baskets and tools.  Each tribe as a chief known as the Serpanch who could be male or female.  He or she then has a team of 5 advisors, each called Panch.  They are respected and constantly called upon for advice, to mediate and to help.  They do not live in particularly different houses and are very much an integral part of the community.  When celebrating it is the men who tend to be more elaborately dressed than the women.  During the daytime, the women tend to work in the fields whilst the men do some of the heavier work or little at all.  They tend to live in communities of families and they marry into their own tribes.  Some tribes practice the G(h)otal system (dormitory system on reaching puberty).  All the tribes tend to wear wonderfully bright and colourful saris.

Another focal point of this photo expedition are the haats, or the colorful tribal life and weekly markets, which are attended by various tribes living in its vicinity.

Continuing to neighboring Orissa, we fly to Bhubaneshwar where we photograph the life of snake handlers in Padma Kesnari Pur, and Raghuapur , known for Patachitra painting, as well as Gotipua acrobats.

Photo Gallery From Among The tribes of Chattisgarh Photo Expedition:

Adivasis of Chattisgarh