Bali: Island of The Gods Photo Expedition

This a “by invitation- only” photography expedition in Bali from July 15 to July 27, 2007. The cost is $2200 for lodgings, meals and inland transport.

The hub for this photo expedition will be Ubud, which has been the island’s centre for traditional arts, dance and music. Away from the crowded touristic beach destinations of the island, Ubud is surrounded by scenic rice fields, small villages, art and craft communities, ancient temples, palaces, and rivers.

This period is when many of the summer temple festivals will occur. These festivals are based on a lunar calendar, and from past experience, I know that many happen in July and early August. The itinerary will be flexible except for the temple festivals that we will attend. The main ones will be planned for beforehand, while the smaller neighborhood ones will pop up while we’re there. We will photograph most of these ceremonies together as a group, however you can photograph independently whatever is of interest to you (dance, local artists, artisans, dancers, soothsayers, fortune-tellers, traditional healers, wood carvers, puppet makers) during your stay in Bali.

This photo expedition will only accomodate 8 participants (7 including myself). Boutique hotels in Ubud only have small numbers of rooms available in each, and I prefer to either reserve a whole hotel for ourselves, or take up most of it.

Photo Gallery From Bali: Island of Gods Photo Expedition: