Bhutan: Land of The Black Hats Photo Expedition

Cost: $3300. 

Bhutan, Land of the Druk Yul, is a land wrapped in myth and legend, hidden from the rest of the world by its mountains. Its legends swirl around supernatural beings, around ancient monastery fortresses and around its Tibetan Buddhist culture. Bhutan’s festivals, or Tsechus, offer colorful mask dances and religious performances depicting the unparalleled cultural heritage of this enigmatic country.

Bhutan: Land of the Black Hats Photo Expedition almost replicates the successful 2006 itinerary. We will travel to the valleys of Bumthang in central Bhutan; the holiest and most spectacular in the country. This time though, our principal destination is to attend and photograph the Tamshingphala Tsechu, and the Tangbi Mani festival in the valleys. Our route will take us from Paro in western Bhutan all the way to its heartland, and we will photograph its villages, ancient monasteries, temples and fortresses along our route.

Participants who are interested in multimedia will be helped to create such projects from their inventory of photographs, and learn how to control story length, intent, pace, use of music and ambient sound, narration, field recordings and interviews.

Important Notice: The Land of the Druk Yul photo-expedition is limited to 8 photographers on a “first registered first in” basis. (The 2006 photo expedition was sold out within days, so book early.)

Photo Gallery From The Land of the Black Hats Photo Expedition: