Based in New York City, I am a freelance photographer who specializes in documenting endangered cultures and traditional life ways of Asia, Latin America and Africa. My images, articles and photo features were published in various magazines, and my travel photographs were featured by some of the largest adventure travel companies in the United States and Great Britain, as well as in multinational corporations’ art collections. I am passionate about documentary-travel photography and I produce multimedia stories, merging still photography and ambient sound (generally recorded live while I am photographing), and musical soundtracks. I teach street photography and multimedia storytelling at the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop in Mexico City, Manali (India), in Istanbul, in Buenos Aires and Chiang Mai.

If you expect high-quality hotel accommodations all the time and are particular about your food, you would enjoy another type of tour. However, if you are truly enthusiastic about adventurous photography, then you will find my expeditions interesting and rewarding. I do not lead a photo expedition unless I am comfortable that the participants are like-minded, will enjoy each others’ company and that group dynamics during the expedition will be ideal. As evidenced by my galleries, my style is a mix of travel photography and documentary photography. Someone called it “a photojournalist photographing travel.”

I started leading photo~expeditions since 2000, and these got so popular that they had swelled up to 10 participants recently, and generated long waiting lists. This has caused me to restrict the number of participants to 6-8 photographers (excluding myself). Participation will continue to be based on the “first registered first in” rule, but ill also consider a portfolio review and other criteria.

Also as of 2012 and beyond, I am enhancing the photo-journalism and travel-documentary components of my photo~expeditions further, and largely focus on story-telling…and continue tutoring multi-media production. This is the future of photography, and I structure my photo~expeditions accordingly.


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